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Double deck four plate electric ovens
Three layer six plate electric ovens
Three layer nine plate electric ovens
Single layer two plate electric ovens
Double four plate electric ovens
Three layer six disc gas-fired furnace
Three layer nine disc gas-fired furnace
Single layer two disc gas-fired furnace
Double decker four disc gas furnace
             Guangzhou Junmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Junmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of baking equipment, with eighteen years of baking equipment production and sales experience, has been committed to production: hot wind rotary furnace, layered oven, tunnel furnace, and face machine, Danish crisp, egg machine, block roller, wake box and other equipment There are more than 50. Guangzhou Junmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. sells products to more than 30 provinces in China and Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We have established a sound sales system and a fast after-sales service network.

The company is keen to innovate and continuously introduces a variety of automatic production equipment, such as large laser cutting machine, computer CNC punch press, bending machine and so on, so as to ensure the quality level of the product is constantly improved. Good products come from stable quality, good quality comes from dedicated attention. Today, with our professional experience accumulated over the past eighteen years, we are ready to go. Choose us, will be your career development of a rainbow, Guangzhou Junmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and you work together to make a contribution to the development of the baking industry!

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